Monday, February 28, 2011

The Power of Asking

  Today, I learned a very large lesson from a very unlikely group of patients!  Every single one of them walked into group today with there head down and several of them even asked for time to journal (usually, the kids hate journaling more than what brought them to where I work).  I knew something was out of balance, but I couldn't figure out just what.  The thing about kids in the type of setting I work in is that they often don't speak up and "Ask" for something because of harsh life experiences.   Today, I made each one of the children in my group write on a piece of paper compliments for one an another to help with their self-esteem.  At the end of the group I asked who felt differently from when they entered the room,  the entire group raised their hands...even the toughest of my teenaged boys!  When I asked why they felt this way one of my little girls replied I needed to hear something good about myself.  I used this opportunity to teach the importance of asking for what we need!

As humans, its natural to have weak moments we need help with and it is okay to ask!  Asking for help with problems or for support can save or change our lives.  Don't be afraid to ask for something because more than likely people are willing to give it just as the children in my group gave that little girl "good" things to hear about herself!  Yes, it can be scary to show weakness and become vulnerable when we do ask for things, but doesn't the potential of getting what we need inspire you to take the risk?  Challenge yourself to honestly go forward and the next time you feel like you need support, advice or help, ask for it!

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