Monday, February 21, 2011


  Everyday gives us an opportunity to create.  Personally, I believe it is what we choose to create from those opportunities that defines us.  Some people, whom I am very jealous of create beautiful master pieces of art that have the power to set the world on fire(metaphorically speaking...I have to clarify after working on the psychiatric unit).  Others are responsible for creating opportunities for those less fortunate. However, the things we create daily don't always have to be so large.  

Today, I was inspired to create more innovative ways to reach out to potential employers about what I do.  I believe the "passion" I have for helping others is allowing me to create possibilities for myself to branch out and achieve the career I aspire to have. 

What are you going to create with opportunities presented to you? The creation of something life changing maybe around the corner from each one of us.  So dream big, take chances and seize even the smallest of life's opportunities! 

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