Sunday, February 20, 2011


Passion is defined by Webster and other dictionaries as a powerful emotion such as joy, love, anger or hatred.  It took me loosing my passion for me to realize the passion and immense joy I have for the field of Recreational Therapy as well as helping others.

Passion is a life drive, I don't care what you do and if your passion is love or hatred.  Passion is a motivating factor toward anything we do.  Currently, passion is driving me forward to search for the joy I have in helping others as I begin the challenging search for a job that truly enriches others lives.  I am passionate about what my field can do for others, but further more I have come to realize that I am passionate about not selling myself short.  I deserve a career I enjoy and find rewarding.  Having said that it...It is my personal mission to not waste my time being miserable and pour every drop of my energy into finding a new job.

Why does this matter?
It might not matter to you or anyone else, but passion should matter.  If you loose your passion you've lost yourself.  We all use passion to push ourselves towards becoming the people we aspire to be; no matter if your a college student studying for a defining test or a struggling parent who uses passion for their children drives them to push forward through two jobs.  It is the passion that keeps us alive in our darkest hours!

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