Sunday, February 27, 2011


   The word "Change" is something that for some is like music to their ears and yet for others it is one of the scariest terms imaginable.  Change is legitimately a very loaded word that produces a multitude of emotions and reactions. Change can be brought on by us individually or unwillingly placed upon us.   Lately, my life has had a lot of change so I thought it appropriate to pay tribute to what change can do and how even negative change can be turned into positive change.

Several weeks ago my life was changed by someone else.  I didn't have a say in this change and as a matter a fact, it was horrible!  The man I loved decided it was time for him to change and break up with me.  Yes, in retrospect that change turned out to be wonderful (though I miss him).  The change someone placed in my life allowed me to start making positive changes for me.   The first change I made was this blog, it was something I had long been wanting to start and check off my bucket list....I wanted to change my thinking about life and how short it is. I believe there is no time like the present to do what you wish to accomplish!  Secondly, I am starting to change what is making me unhappy in my life and that is my job!  I actively started to job search and apply to jobs that I would consider my "dream job" for the simple realization I am deserving of a rewarding career as well as a positive work environment.  This second change has the potential to lead to a multitude of changes in my near future, though some are scary I am very excited for this change.  I am making positive changes out of a negative change that was placed in my life.

Changes can often be out of our control and I realise that.  No one person says yes I would like to change my life and be diagnosed with a life threatening disease or be laid off from my job, but those changes do happen.  In those instances we are faced with negative changes. I believe it is how we react to those changes that makes the difference in our lives.  I am not denying we all aren't human and allowed a poor reaction.  In fact I believe reactions are natural and normal but its after we cope with them and are able to react, that is important.

Change will walk into all of our lives in welcome and unwelcome ways.  How will you react to the change in your life?  Will change your life for the best or allow a negative change to break the wonderful person you are?  It is my hope we can all use change to build ourselves up in this crazy adventure called life!

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  1. Jackie!! I love you and I am so proud of you for taking a leap in finding happiness in a new job. I know its hard but you will be better in the long run to find passion in yourself and also in your work life. Keep the blog up. I'll play catch up when I get back