Thursday, February 24, 2011


 We as a culture have one the most difficult times establishing inner peace.  Modern society is full of complex problems, moral dilemmas, situational crisis and changed life pathways.   Facing such unrest in our daily lives is taxing regardless of who you are.  However, when the unrest carries into too many aspects of our lives we loose the peace within us that is our equilibrium for living. Losing the peace may seem like a far fetched concept, but its true.  If we are at unrest or without peace about how we handled a situation, a relationship, our career or even our future plans we tend to go about methodically questioning everything.  We start to ask, what if?  Why didn't I do this verse that?  What can I do to change it? Can I undo it?

Life gets hard when we start asking those questions!  We can break ourselves down if we fixate on the things we question about our lives and the complex experiences that shape them.  Everyday, I work with dozens of people whom do just that and now are their own worst critics.  They lose peace and even worse than that they lose self-esteem, which I firmly believe is one of the essential building blocks of self.  We as human beings are breakable!  Be kind to yourself as well as the people around you!

Find peace! Yes, it is a challenge to all of us and I'm not down playing that in the least.  It is time we live in the here and now...Be Present!  We need to avoid being are own worst critic!  A wonderful and inspiring quote I believe essential in finding peace is "Accept the things you can't change and change the things you can."  If we all live our lives with that quote in mind peace would be plentiful within all of us.  As you start or end your day today think about it for a brief minute...where do you stand with Peace?

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