Monday, October 24, 2011


 Believing, is an inward act that we as individuals must push outwards  in our daily lives...I am a perfect example of that!  I believe in myself, the journey of life, my family, my friends, my Phi Mu sisters and God, but for far too long those have been internal things.  I needed an opportunity to lay it on the line so here it is:  

My Bucket List:  

1)   Write a book
2 )  Stand in more than one place at once
3)   Jump out of a perfectly good air plane
4)   Love again <3 
5)   Become a mother
6)   Scuba dive
7)   Get a masters degree 
8)   Make someones life better
9)   Read the Bible 
10)  Travel to Italy

To Be Continued.....

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Leaps & Bounds

  A day can be life changing, but can you imagine what changes us in the span of several months?  The initial purpose of this blog was to help me heal after facing a couple personal challenges I experienced earlier this year.  My blog became a safe, therapeutic and creative haven for me during a time when I needed it more than anything, almost more than I needed anyone.  Supportive people are wonderful, but growth accomplished from within is invaluable.   That is exactly what this blog has been....invaluable!  However, it goes without saying there have been bumps within my blogging as well as my life in this time as I have been facing some of these challenges and growing.  One of the bumps I experienced somehow turned into a pot hole and pulled me away from my blog for far longer than I had intended!

Don't let a bump in the road of life turn into a sink hole!