Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Women I Want To Be

 In adversity or points of struggle within our lives I often find that it reveals the characteristics we wish we possessed, the goals we want to accomplish, how we perceive ourselves and the better we seek for our lives.  This time of adversity in my life has proved no different.  Over the past month, I have realised there are certain characteristics I wish I had and I've had a much clearer view of the women I want to be.   With that said.... The women I want to be is:  Confident, Strong, Independent, Beautiful, Respected, Loved, Ambitious, Caring, Peaceful and Daring.

 Who do you want to be because of the adversity you've faced and the life lessons you learned from the experience?  I challenge you to define who you want to be!  Discovering yourself through life experiences is often painful, but a wonderful journey into becoming the true you.

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