Sunday, March 20, 2011

Making Plans

 The value of having a plan or even a back up plan is something I feel we as a society have started to underestimate.  For the last decade, we have transformed into this instant gratification society...We want it now and have to have it now.  However, life doesn't work like that.  Our dreams of a rewarding and successful job don't just become a reality because we desire them and goodness knows we don't all become rich in the blink of an eye because we want to be better off financially. All of these things take time and planning.
   So, I believe its time we all start building the road map to our journeys.  I am guilty of believing that in am instant things should change, but tribuation has taught me a valuable lesson!  I've known for months the job market was tough and it was quite a process to land the challenging part-time position I currently hold, but I had no idea the struggles I would face in finding a career to take myself to the next level.  In retrospect, I should have planned as though nobody was in my life (I was in a serious relationship and I made too many choices based off of us), I should have not settled so easily the first time and I should have taken a risk when it was presented to me.  There are a lot of I should have's, but they are the past and I can't change any of them!  However, we can all learn from the "I should have" times in our lives and for me that is the value of creating a back up plan.  This experience taught me to take my interests in Recreational Therapy and start to branch for similar jobs with different titles, research additional certifications and even look into potential graduate degrees.
  Even the best laid plans fail from time to time and hey, its part of life so take the time to make a back up plan.  I know we never want to fathom that we will need it, but it is far easier to take the time to develop that back up plan before you need it instead of when you in need of it now!  

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