Thursday, March 24, 2011

Forgetting Fun

    Fun, I can't even begin to think about a time in the last couples weeks and maybe even months I've used that adjective to describe my life.  I'm certainly not proud to admit that to anyone much less the entire cyber community, but its the truth.  I was reminded that I had let the fun out of my life by an old friend from college when they were describing an event they went to and my reply simply was..." I can't remember the last time I had fun."   It is mortifying to think I've let everything take away from the fun and zest in life.  Prior, to the last two months my life was full of fun...I had everything I thought I wanted and it was all leading to the happily ever after I dreamed of since I was a young girl. 
   However, fun left when things changed and I had almost no real friends close by to return to the wonderful things I used to do before.  Fun left when I had my heart broken and certainly when I realised I was stuck in my parents house within a soccer mom filled suburb of North Carolina.  Fun also left when I came to the harsh reality of the truth that is my job and everyday I have to go to the place where I work with people who have been victims of abuse, are criminals and full of complex history. 
  I don't want to lose the fun and zest in life.  If nothing else, I need to make up for the days I've gone without fun in one way or another.  The clock can't be turned back and this time will not given back to me to be lived differently. So, I think it is only fair to myself that I plan to live the days going forward differently. Perhaps, I will spend more time giving back to my community or participating in rewarding service experiences.  I would love to work with the TOMS organization or even the TWOLA organization.  If you aren't familiar with either of these I highly suggest you take the time to research them and learn about the wonderful mission each of them have.

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Nothing beats a wonderful picture of TOMS! These aren't mine, but they might be my very next purchase!!!

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