Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Love Will Come Again...

  I waited 22 years to find love.  Today, I am humbled to think about how lucky I was to have not only found love, but also to have come to the realization that I am deserving to be treated great by the next man that comes into my life, just as I was treated great by Brian.  Brian is a wonderful person, but unfortunately life had different plans for both of us and our love didn't get through the tribulations of the Navy. I will love again someday, but now I am focused on finding a future of my own that I am personally deserving of.

Everyday, I hear the horrible stories of women who have been emotionally, mentally, psychically and sexually abused.  Their stories often go untold until years later and even then it maybe too late for a lot of them to change. It is hard for them to know they deserved more when they had nobody to tell them that or teach them otherwise. The chilling part is some of these women are okay with not getting what they deserve and they have become almost immune to the harsh injustices that have been part of their lives.  Not coming to the realization of what one deserves in love or anything in life can make life like a constant avalanche of trouble. If we let one person get away with treating us poorly than another is likely to do the same.  Even worse, if we don't hold people accountable who hurt us than those people start to believe it is okay to act in a way that is hurtful to others, because who tells them otherwise.

 So, set expectations and enforce accountability because when we challenge another to up hold the standard of how we deserve to be treated in life as well as love then they either meet our standards or its time to remove them from your life! 


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