Monday, October 24, 2011


 Believing, is an inward act that we as individuals must push outwards  in our daily lives...I am a perfect example of that!  I believe in myself, the journey of life, my family, my friends, my Phi Mu sisters and God, but for far too long those have been internal things.  I needed an opportunity to lay it on the line so here it is:  

My Bucket List:  

1)   Write a book
2 )  Stand in more than one place at once
3)   Jump out of a perfectly good air plane
4)   Love again <3 
5)   Become a mother
6)   Scuba dive
7)   Get a masters degree 
8)   Make someones life better
9)   Read the Bible 
10)  Travel to Italy

To Be Continued.....

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